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Free Shipping on Orders Over $100 Within the Contiguous United States. Questions About International Shipping? Reach Out!
Free Shipping on Orders Over $100 Within the Contiguous United States. Questions About International Shipping? Reach Out!

Mr. Chain: Pioneering Safety Solutions Since 1960

Being at the forefront of safeguarding spaces and events for over six decades, Mr. Chain has set new industry standards with an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Delve into Our Operations

The Short Version

Founded by World War II Mustang Ace, Michael T. Russo, Mr. Chain is the leading plastic chain manufacturer in the United States. With a legacy of innovation, we offer an unparalleled selection of products, including 9 sizes, 2 styles, and 24 vibrant colors of premium plastic chain, along with an extensive array of accompanying items.

Our commitment to safety and excellence is demonstrated through our groundbreaking additions, such as the Snap Reflector, X-Treme Duty Stanchion, the Magnet Ring with Carabiner, Connect-ALL, and the Cone Chain Connector (C³).

Join us in building a safer future by exploring our extensive product range and contributing to our ongoing journey of creating secure spaces. Thank you for choosing Mr. Chain!

The Long Version

At Mr. Chain, we are proud to be the primary U.S. plastic chain manufacturer, operating under the trade name for M R Products. Our rich history dates back to May 16, 1960, when our founder, Michael T. Russo, incorporated the company with a vision to revolutionize the plastics industry.

A Remarkable Journey:

Mr. Russo's journey started as an engineering student at Ohio State University in 1941. However, when Pearl Harbor was attacked, he selflessly put his studies on hold and joined the Army Air Corps to serve his country. Upon returning home as the first Mustang Ace and the sole A-36 Ace in World War II, he ventured into the world of plastics, establishing his own injection molding business.

Initially, Mr. Chain operated as an automotive supplier, counting major industry players like GM and Chrysler as its valued customers. However, Mr. Russo's entrepreneurial spirit led him to create patented proprietary products, including a reseal cap for 16-ounce beverages (later sold to Pepsico) and a revolutionary plastic beverage carton.

Around 1969, our company underwent a transformative phase when it began manufacturing plastic chain using an innovative process. This ingenious approach enabled us to produce plastic chain in continuous lengths through injection molding, while ensuring each link maintained its freedom of movement. Within a mere three years, we transitioned into a 100% proprietary product manufacturer, driven by our passion for innovation.

A Legacy of Innovation and Excellence:

Throughout his remarkable career, Mr. Russo held over 20 patents for the groundbreaking products he developed. Today, we continue his legacy of innovation, combining injection molding and extrusion techniques to craft an extensive range of plastic products.

Mr. Chain takes pride in offering an unparalleled selection, including 9 different sizes, 2 styles, and an array of 24 vibrant colors of our premium plastic chain. Additionally, we provide 4 sizes of plastic stanchions available in several colors, along with a vast assortment of accessories to cater to all crowd control and safety requirements. Our commitment to evolving with the ever-changing needs of our clientele remains unwavering.

A Family-Driven Enterprise:

In 2006, Michael Russo passed away, entrusting the company and his cherished legacy to his family. The current CEO, his daughter Maree Russo Mulvoy, continues the tradition of excellence at Mr. Chain. Prior to taking the helm, Maree pursued a successful career in the Detroit area as a CPA and Tax Attorney, culminating as a Partner at Plante Moran, LLP in Auburn Hills, MI.

Under Maree's guidance, Mr. Chain has undergone a remarkable and transformative period of substantial growth. During this time, the company has achieved impressive milestones, including tripling its revenue and quadrupling the number of dedicated employees. Our success as a certified Women-Owned Business (WBE) and a qualified small business reflects our dedication to promoting diversity and inclusivity within the industry.

Our Vision for the Future:

As we forge ahead, Mr. Chain remains committed to expanding our product line to better serve the crowd control and safety markets. In recent years, we have proudly introduced several innovative additions, including the Snap Reflector, X-Treme Duty Stanchion, the Magnet Ring with Carabiner, Connect-ALL, and the innovative Cone Chain Connector (C³).

At Mr. Chain, we firmly believe in embracing change, learning from our past, and continuously striving for excellence. We thank our loyal customers, partners, and employees for their unwavering support, and we look forward to an exciting future filled with growth, innovation, and shared success.

Contact Us:

If you have any inquiries or would like to explore our extensive product range, we invite you to reach out to our dedicated team. Together, let's build a safer and more efficient tomorrow.

Thank you for choosing us.


The Mr. Chain Team

Meet the Faces Behind the Chain

President and CEO - Ryan Schultz

President and CEO - Ryan Schultz

Allow us to introduce Ryan Schultz, our new President and CEO, who has taken the reins of leadership at Mr. Chain. Formerly our COO, Ryan has been the driving force behind operational excellence within our company. With a relentless focus on maximizing efficiency and leveraging cutting-edge technology, Ryan ensures that every aspect of our organization operates like a well-oiled machine. His strategic vision and unwavering dedication have significantly contributed to Mr. Chain's mission of delivering high-quality products while optimizing cost-effectiveness.

Visionary Board Chair and Content Creator - Maree Mulvoy

Visionary Board Chair and Content Creator - Maree Mulvoy

Maree Mulvoy, our esteemed former President, continues to shape the trajectory of Mr. Chain, honoring the legacy of her father, who founded the company in 1960. Embracing her father's innovative spirit, Maree propels Mr. Chain forward with a strategic vision and steadfast dedication to excellence. While she no longer holds the title of President, Maree's leadership remains pivotal as she guides our team towards a safer and more efficient future. Furthermore, Maree's multifaceted talents extend to crafting insightful blog posts, where she shares her expertise and passion for safety solutions with our valued readers. In her role as Board Chair, Maree continues to inspire and steer the company towards continued success.

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Dennis Stacey, Vice President

Unveiling the Mastermind: Vice President - Dennis Stacey

Meet Dennis Stacey, VP and the creative force behind many of our groundbreaking safety and crowd control solutions. With an impressive 40-year tenure at Mr. Chain, Dennis has been instrumental in driving the company's commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation. His remarkable track record of turning imaginative ideas into patented products has earned our company widespread recognition and unmatched success in the industry.

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Vice President of Sales and Marketing - Todd Schubert

Vice President of Sales and Marketing - Todd Schubert

Todd Schubert is a key pillar of our collaborative success at Mr. Chain. As the VP of Sales and Marketing, he plays a pivotal role in ensuring seamless coordination between our teams. With a keen focus on sales, Todd not only fosters strong relationships between us and our distributors, which are crucial to our business, but he also possesses an exceptional ability to understand customer needs and align them with the most suitable products. Todd has been instrumental in propelling Mr. Chain's continued growth and ensuring utmost customer satisfaction. That being said, if you'd like to become a distributor of Mr. Chain products, he's your go-to guy!

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