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Free Shipping on Orders Over $100 Within the Contiguous United States. Questions About International Shipping? Reach Out!
Free Shipping on Orders Over $100 Within the Contiguous United States. Questions About International Shipping? Reach Out!

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

  1. Where is Mr. Chain made?

    • Mr. Chain products are proudly manufactured in the USA. Specifically, they are made in a factory located in the Village of Copemish, Northern Michigan.
  2. Can I buy any amount of safety chain I want or do I have to buy a certain size package?

    • Mr. Chain offers flexibility in the quantities you can purchase. While there are pre-packaged sizes ranging from 25', 50', 100', up to 500' lengths, Mr. Chain also offers the option to order specific lengths that suit your needs. Additionally, Mr. Chain's accessories are available in packages of 10.
  3. What credit cards do you accept?

    • Mr. Chain accepts a variety of credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.
  4. Does Mr. Chain do custom cuts?

    • Yes, if you have specific requirements, Mr. Chain provides a custom cutting service. There's a nominal fee of $.50 per cut. Do note, however, that sales of custom-cut chains are final and cannot be returned.
  5. How long will it be before my order ships?

    • Generally, orders placed with Mr. Chain are processed and shipped out within 24-48 hours from Monday to Friday. If a particular product is out of stock, the company will promptly notify you and provide an estimated restocking timeframe. You then have the option to wait or select an alternative product.
  6. How do I know how many stanchions or how much chain I will need for my space?

    • On average, safety stanchions should be placed at intervals of 6 to 8 feet. When determining the length of the chain required, add an extra 6 inches to the distance between the stanchions to account for the chain's drape.
  7. How much does each stanchion weigh?

    • The weight varies based on the type and whether it's filled with sand:
      • 2” stanchion: 2 lbs (empty), 4.2 lbs (filled)
      • 2.5” stanchion: 3 lbs (empty), 6.7 lbs (filled)
      • 3” stanchion: 4 lbs (empty), 12 lbs (filled)
      • X-Treme stanchion: 7 lbs (empty), 25 lbs (filled)
  8. How well will my safety chain and stanchions “hold up” in the sun or weather?

    • Mr. Chain products are made with a UV inhibitor to ensure durability and longevity, even under prolonged exposure to sunlight. They guarantee that the products will remain resilient and not become brittle throughout their lifespan.
  9. How do you measure Mr. Chain’s plastic chain sizes?

    • The size of the plastic chain is determined by the length of each link, measured end-to-end from the outside of the link.
  10. If I receive my order and I am not happy with it for any reason, can it be returned?

    • Yes, items that aren't custom cut or custom colored can be returned. However, a restocking fee of 30% applies, and the customer is responsible for return shipping costs. It's essential to get a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) from customer service before returning any items.
  11. Does Mr. Chain sell steel plastic coated chain?

    • No, Mr. Chain doesn't offer this specific product.
  12. Are all the chain colors the same price?

    • Yes, regardless of the color choice, all plastic chains of the same size are priced identically.
  13. If I have a question, how do I contact customer service?

    • For any queries, customers can use the 'Contact Us' option found at the bottom of the Mr. Chain website. For immediate assistance, you can either email or call the Customer Service Manager, Linda, at 1.800.324.5861.